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"I am very pleased with the services of home rehabilitation and advanced dynamic therapies . I have had home health care many times in the past due to my chronic illness .The staff of advanced dynamic had the highest skill level and knowledge of any home care company I have used in the past . With the educational materials Mr. Perry gave me I started a chair Tai Chi class for the residents of my senior apartment complex .All of the nurses and therapists always treated me with respect and compassion .I highly recommend advanced dynamic therapies and would not hesitate to use their services again."

A. Almeda

"After undergoing a total knee replacement my surgeon recommended Advanced dynamic Therapies to perform my rehabilitation .I was pleased from day one with the professional attitude of the staff and their caring compassionate approach . With their help I was able to walk independently without a cane just 32 days after my surgery .I am very thankful to Mr. Perry and his staff for treating me with the utmost respect and the most advanced rehabilitation techniques available .When I decide to have my second total knee replacement I will call Advanced Dynamic Therapies."

S. Samsideen

"After coming to Los Angeles from New Orleans in 2005 my doctor told me that my left leg had gangrene and needed to be amputated . After a 4 month hospitalization my doctor recommended Advanced Dynamic Therapies for home nursing and Physical Therapy .I had never had home nursing or Physical Therapy but in my opinion my nurses and therapist are the best . They made me feel very comfortable discussing some very complicated health issues . They trained my family in the care that I required over the long term .I would personally like to thank Home Rehabilitation and Advanced Dynamic Therapies for helping me through a very stressful period of time and giving me hope of walking again."

H. Hill

"After being hospitalized because of a fall I was referred to Matthew's clinic . I had fallen many times in the past and was referred to many other therapists who did the same thing over and over again for the past 16 years. After completing his evaluation Matt told me that there was nothing he could do for me to prevent me from falling or eliminate my chronic left hip pain. Matt gave me a list of the top orthopedic surgeons for me to pick to get a evaluation. After undergoing a left total knee arthroplasty and spending 1 week in the hospital and 1 month of therapy and Nursing with Advanced Dynamic Therapies I can now walk independently without pain. I would like to thank Mr. Perry for his honest professionalism and super care. I highly recommend Matthew and his staff to anyone in need of professional and dependable nursing and Physical Therapy care."

N. Stone

"My experience with Home Rehabilitation has been very positive. All of the therapists and nurses have been very professional and uplifting. This positive support has made my recovery easier to deal with. I thank Mr. Perry for sending me such skilled professionals to help me with my recovery process. I would recommend Home Rehabilitation to anyone who is recovering from knee replacement surgery." 


"The care I have received from Home Rehabilitation Healthcare has been outstanding. I feel that Mr. Perry and his assistants James and Saritza have a lot of experience and skill treating my particular condition. The experience and Knowledge they have made me feel at ease with my condition and time to recover. I also like the fact my outpatient aquatic physical therapy will be managed by the same group professional’s. I thank Dr. Long for referring me to Home Rehabilitation Healthcare and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs home health care or aquatic physical therapy."

V. Beason  

"I would like to thank Mr. Perry and the staff of Advanced Dynamic Therapies for the outstanding care they have given me. I have experienced great care in a state of the art physical therapy facility. The experience and skill Mr. Perry and his staff possess have made my recovery faster and less painful. The front desk staff has been especially great with helping me schedule my appointments around my busy schedule. My rehab experience has truly been a positive. I highly recommend Advanced Physical Therapy to anyone who needs Physical therapy treatment."

K. Garrett

"I would like to thank Dr. Marshall for referring me to Home Rehabilitation Healthcare agency. All of the therapists are very professional, caring and compassionate. Mr. Perry the director and owner put my mind at ease with his vast experience and knowledge of condition. Having a history of Rheumatoid arthritis undergoing a hip replacement made my home rehabilitation more challenging. This is why I feel that I needed a group of professionals like Home Rehabilitation with the experience to address my unique problems. Thanks to Mr. Perry and his assistants I can now walk independently and participate in outpatient aquatic therapy. I also like the fact that Mr. Perry will also be able to provide my aquatic therapy on an outpatient basis. I highly recommend Mr. Perry and Home Rehabilitation Healthcare for anyone who is in need of Home Health physical therapy."

M. Culver

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